High Tea and Chair Massage at the Regent with 'Mel's Moments'.

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in Rotorua than having High Tea and getting a Mini-Massage at a luxury hotel?

That's exactly what these lovely ladies got yesterday thanks to Melanie Sweeney's 'Mel's Moments' first ever event and they loved every minute of it. The 'High Tea and Mini-Massage' at the Rotorua Regent was an unmitigated success. Beautiful weather, awesome poolside atmosphere, nibbles, champagne and a 10-minute chair massage. What more could you ask for?

From what I saw yesterday 'Mel Moments' events business is going to be a huge success. Partly because her ideas are so good and partly because of the effort she puts into the all the 'little things'.

When the ladies arrived, they received a non-alcoholic punch or champagne at the bar and were then given a balloon each. After going outside to pop them they discovered that there was a number inside each of the balloons. #1 got the first massage and #10 got the last one. From the air-conditioned comfort of a private massage room each lady got to spend ten minutes in the chair before heading back poolside to rejoin the 'relaxations'. When they weren't relaxing in my massage chair, they were out by the pool sipping champagne and nibbling on the teatime treats that the great staff at the Regent had prepared for them. Looking after a baby full-time is hard work and what better way to relax than to take a couple of hours off to depressurize? Kudos to Mel for coming up with such a great idea. I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.


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