Some of the evidence-based benefits of massage.

Updated: May 30, 2019

Here are some of the many evidence-based ways that massage can be of help to you.

Massage stimulates the release of hormones (endorphins and enkephalins) that reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.

Massage lowers levels of stress hormones (norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol), which reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, slows breathing, and relaxes muscles.

Massage increases levels of oxytocin, which is a hormone that increases social bonding and behaviours like trustworthiness, generosity, and empathy.

Massage reduces activation of pain receptors in the spinal cord and muscles.

Massage blocks the production of inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha, interleukin-6, and HSP-27), which stops swelling and inflammation of muscle tissue.

Massage increases blood flow to muscles, connective tissue, and the lymph nodes.

With all those benefits it is no surprise what a help massage can be to us in our daily lives.


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