Massage and your Emotional Well-Being

Sometimes our daily routines don’t allow us enough time to truly be at peace with ourselves or the world around us. It is very easy to forget to take time for yourself when you’re busy. Taking an hour off from your hectic daily schedule to relax in a unique and peaceful environment while clearing your mind and providing a calming sense to your nervous system helps ease anxiety and reduces symptoms derived from everyday stress.

The links between massage and your emotions:

• Massage reduces anxiety and depression (by increasing production of dopamine and serotonin)

• Massage relieves mental stress levels (due to nervous system being calmed)

• Massage provides a soothing and comforting effect on your mental health

• Massage improves your mood

• Massage satisfies your need for a caring and nourishing touch (a very basic human need)

• Massage increases your awareness of the mind-body connection

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why massage is good for your sense of well-being and emotional health.


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