Those Annoying Glute Stretches

If there is one issue that I see pretty much every day in my clinic it's tight glutes and more importantly the problems caused by tight glutes. They are the largest muscle group in the human body and as such can take quite a beating before becoming painful therefore it is unlikely you will even notice that you have tight glutes until they begin to refer to other areas namely the lower back.

The vast majority of people who come to see me with a sore lower back simply have tight glutes. Gluteus Maximus and Medius both attach to the Iliac crest and pull down on the hip when they become short and tight. Their size and power is no match for the muscles of the lower back and so the tighter they become the more your lower back will suffer.

I have found a link to a great video for those of you interested in learning how to really stretch out those annoying glutes. No one likes doing stretches but glute stretches in particular can really save you some grief down the track if you take the time to do them regularly especially after training or events. Warm up before training, stretch it out afterwards! Enjoy!

Thanks to the folks at Upright Health for their great YouTube videos!


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